Looking Outwards 08


Nitesh’s Looking Outward addressed the Silk app created by Yuri Vishnevsky featured here. Much like Nitesh, I found this project very fascinating because of its ability to create art, shape, form, and meaning through the visual effects of code. It’s very interesting because the user plays a part of creating the art through the ability to click and alter the appearance of what’s already on the screen.

While I agree with Nitesh’s reactions to this program, I believe that there is more that can be looked into the abilities of the human to create forms and where a program like this could lead to. It’s possible that by taking art that’s created through this app, 3D forms can be created whether sculpturally or structurally to create interesting paperweights or installations depending on it’s scale. There’s also practical applications that a program such as this can be used for when taken out of it’s original context whether interpreted literally or abstractly.

Be sure to check out the original post or the program which is linked above.