Design I/O – Never Grow Up (Looking Outward 7)

Design I/O is a creative studio based in Cambridge, MA, that was founded by Emily Gobeille and Theo Watson. It specializes in the design and development of immersive, interactive installations. Emily Gobeille is an art director and designer currently working in the motion graphics industry. Her education was graduating with a BFA from MassArt with a concentration in graphic and interaction design and received an MFA for Design and Technology from Parson’s. On the other hand Theo Watson, a British artist and programmer from London, received his BFA in Design and Technology from Parson’s as well. From their interactions in the video, it’s quite clear the pair is close and Gobeille is the more childish of the pair, though their method is following outlandish what-ifs and learning from creative exploration.

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As far as the three Design I/O projects, they talked explicitly about creating interactions with the environment, how the program interaction with the people, and creating experiences through technology. My favorite ironically is the Bermuda Tapes which at the time of their Eyeo talk in 2013 was not completed yet. I like the beautiful animation and artwork in the app which allows viewers to experience being trapped in the Bermudas like John Lennon did. I’m also a fan of the parts (22:43 – 28:18) where Design I/O takes the audio from the Bermuda Tapes and creates illustrations that move in time or are based off of the noise of the audio.

Start at 29:20 to experience the app

Their presentation style is more like someone having a conversation with the audience where they share their thoughts and reasonings behind the ideas and changes. It’s very pleasant because the audience relates more to the presenters and is engaged with what’s being presented to them.

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