2D Rubens’ Tube (Looking Outward 04)

Start from the beginning for the explanation, 3:34 for the “show”.

A Rubens’ tube uses physics to demonstrate sound waves generated by sounds produced by a computer’s speaker. It’s created by having a tube with perforated holes, filled with propane gas, and lit with a flame. The height of the flame depends on the amount of pressure generated by the speakers as the result of the music/sound.

This particular experiment involves taking the simple concept of a tube and making a table (the “Pyro Board”) out of it, creating a more dramatic effect as a result of being able to demonstrate the power of sound waves in both the x and y axis. This project isn’t created with the use of algorithms but it is a result of the digital sound produced from computers translated into a real life, physical form.

I find it really cool that these types of projects can visualize a seemingly intangible concept such as sound, creating an interesting reaction with seemingly simple components. Fire is always a plus as well, says the pyro in me.