Looking Outwards-02

Davide Quayola is a multimedia artist who uses video, computer software, and installation to explore the tension between spaces and surfaces. The “Strata” project (2009) derives from the term strata meaning a geological formation made of multiple layers of rock. Quayola explores their symbolic functions through the archaeological process of layering of stratification. By doing so, he represents how history is crafted by the accumulation of signifiers over time rather than a linear process.

The most interesting part of this project is his ability to derive intricate geometries from classical works of art similar to the concept of cubism through the use of computational methods and animation. From what I can figure out, he uses a custom software created by Mauritius Seeger which allows him to compose the paintings out of a series of lines, creating geometric shapes that replicate the original painting in a very “basic” but intuitive way. With the help of Robin Lawrie, Quayola creates the 3D animation needed to illustrate the process through video.

If you would like to find our more information on Strata #3 (first video), Strata #2 (second video), or Quayola, you can check out his website here.