Xavier Apostol – Project 07 – Generative Landscape

For my generative landscape project, I really wanted to go back to my roots. I decided to recreate the view that I often saw as I traveled across the deserts of Arizona. More specifically, I decided to capture the view as a “cinematic shot” during sunset. This is why the sky fades from a yellow (bottom of canvas) to a purple (top of canvas). Also, because I chose to incorporate a “cinematic” feel, I decided to implement anamorphic widescreen resolution (2.35:1 for a 16:9 screen).

For More Information About Anamorphic Widescreen – (http://www.projectorcentral.com/235_home_theater.htm)



Throughout the scrolling of the landscape, the viewer is exposed to three moving objects (not counting the mountain terrain). There are cacti, clouds, and a tumbleweed. The percentages for the objects are as follows: cacti (55% Chance), clouds (44% Chance), and tumbleweed (1% Chance).


In regards to the moving terrain, there are two mountains that generate different hills and valleys. My intent for the shading of the mountains was to make it seem as though the sun was gleaming off of them. This is also true for the cacti.