Johanna McAllister – Looking Outwards -10

Momentum is particularly relevant to this week’s theme, because the woman in question, Keri Elmsly, is the director of United Visual Artists, a collective that focuses on large-scale interactive installations. So all the amazing work produced by this group is under her power.


The actual machines use two stepper motors that carry out the simple pendulum motions. Though the idea was simple, Keri Elmsly must have been a main driving force in order to produce the project with this final cinematic, immersive effect.

uva-momentum-0 webMomentum_james_o_670

What I like most about this piece is how the pendulums switch from swinging in a natural motion to swinging in a robotic one. Because of the creators’ control of code, Momentum controls physical objects in such a way that blurs the lines between organic and technological.