Looking Outwards – 07

Jake Barton creates physical art that people can touch and that touches people. His work ranges from somber memorials such as the famous 9/11 memorial to playful interactive software that better convey the meaning of art in museums.

911 memorial


He likes to show new perspectives by utilizing technology in a meaningful way. Often times, when new technology is used, the creators are too focused on what the technology can do, so  – counteractively – they fail to add meaning to what their individual pieces actually do. However, Barton has surpassed that flashy, spellbinding novelty. Straying from the stereotype of contemporary, cold robots and code, his work plays with audience’s heart strings.


For example, in Times Square, he helped install a 3D piece called BIG HEART NYC, which was made up of tubes and LED lights that flashed a heart-beat when someone touched it. Bringing the emotional connection to another level, when more people held hands and touched it, the heart beat faster and brighter. Simple but strong, Barton successfully portrayed physical, lively illustrations of love.


His creations are presented as open platforms. They allow people to personally explore what technology can do: emotionally connect us to our world.