Project 07- Storybook Landscape- Samantha Mack

For my generative landscape, I was inspired by the landscapes and adventures generated in one’s mind by reading. Working with a fantasy theme to create mystical mountains, lonely pines in the valleys, and tall towers with flags billowing in the wind, I created a searching game in which tiny princesses are placed in the top %20 tallest towers in the scene. They can be tricky to spot, as the curvature of the page lets them slip in and out of full view. By diligently searching like a knight seeking a damsel in distress, the user can keep track of how many princesses he or she finds on the way through the landscape. As the program runs, the castles become a bit more sparse, making it harder to find tall towers. The single cloud represents the span of a page or “round” of the game- I had initially incorporated a page turn, but found it too distracting as it took away from the smooth flow of the scene. I enjoyed creating a piece in which the interest lies in the random generation of the castles, and had fun working with very small visual details.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 11.28.31 PM   20151015_235213