I wanted to do a final project that consisted of many different things. My goal was to show what I learned in this course. I always loved the interactive scenes on the E-cards my grandparents always send me so I tried to replicate that. I started with the winter scene because I was able to come up with more ideas for that season sooner than the other seasons. I used Turtle graphics for the snowflakes that appear by mouse click because I wanted to make each one unique. Shapes would have been too boring and blocky when trying to represent the beautiful shapes of snowflakes. I wanted to add a wind sound when the shift key is pressed but I had trouble trying to make it stop when the shift key was released. For the fall scene, I used shapes and vertex’s to create the different leaves. I added the dog on the porch because I wanted to show something moving automatically with no initiation from the person running the program. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the leaves to successfully be generated in the round tree shape on the tree so I’m just going to say that the people in the house just like to cut their tree into a square shape.

Computing Final Project Narration from Sydney Bauer on Vimeo.

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