sayers-Looking Outwards 10

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This week, I examined the work of Chloe Varelidi!  Varelidi went to New York in 2006 to join Parson’s Design and Technology MFA program.  She worked at Mozilla for almost three years where she helped work on their educational platform connecting with partners like Tumblr, Codeacademy, and The London Zoo.  She also a senior game designer at the Institute of Play (founding staff).  I personally was intrigued by her project Minicade! Minicade is an open source web-app that makes micro-games that can be put into playlists.  These playlists can form longer games with increasing score and difficulty.  This project encourages users to learn to code and make their own mini games.  This project also includes a traveling pop-up cabinet that you can play all the games on.  This project is absolutely lovely.  It encourages learning through games, learning how to make games, and is beautifully simple in the process.  It also is really interesting because of the idea of mashing together a bunch of games to form one long game.  You get to play all sorts of games in one! I also really like the idea that you can put games into a playlist.  It seems like a really organized way of putting them together.  I really liked it and will be following what she does in the future.


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