Rhyse McLean – Project-07-Landscape

So technically, this is more of a Seascape than a Landscape, but who cares about technicalities. I started this program by making a blank Canvas and coloring it blue. I then added an array of 100 bubble objects that looped across the entire canvas diagonally. Using some of the sample code provided to us, I made the generative sandy landscape at the bottom. Then I made objects to represent the 3 Tuna, 7 Minnows, and 8 rejected laffy taffy pieces Coral and gave them all specific move functions to create the illusion of movement through the watery depths. The Minnows are smaller and faster than the Tuna, and they both (including the Coral) loop back to the beginning of the canvas. Finally, the best part of this program is what happens when you click inside of the canvas (yum yum).

(Note: the fish have found the cure to world hunger, so they’ll never actually eat the food.)