rkc + yany1 : final project : the truth is out there

Move the UFO with your mouse and click the mouse to abduct cars!


For our final project, we created a generative landscape with a slight twist – an alien (you, the user) shows up and abducts all the cars because you have the power of mouseX,mouseY, and mouseIsPressed at your fingertips! The most difficult part was getting the car to fade away (because we first had it so the car popped off the screen, but since we had more time we decided to make the car disappear slowly so it actually feels like the UFO is abducting it). Moving the bridge was a lot more difficult than it should have been because we first constructed a class of objects, but had trouble with the code. If we worked on it more, I think we probably would’ve made it more like a game and added sound effects. This project is very different from what Lexi and I planned to do initially but we’re really happy with the results!

Here are some initial sketches: