Looking Outwards 11 – rkc

For my project I’m planning on making a constellation map. To plan out how we can make our map more interactive, I looked at Shaun Utter’s modification of Google Maps’ API.


His site show popular cities and the images change from one city to another every four seconds. The colors change based on the city and population city. The colors that Shaun Utter used emulates modern art.This site is basically a slideshow of different cities in neon colors so I think he could’ve made it more interactive. Maybe he could’ve made it so that viewers can pick the city that they’re looking at? There’s also no indication of what city is on the page currently so that could’ve been better.

On the other hand, artist Lee Jang’s work is not interactive at all, but I liked how he made his maps take the form of something in nature. For example, his map of Seoul emulates a tree (top), while his map of the streets of Moscow emulates a flower.



I guess what I really liked about his project, ComplexCity, how he was able to take something simple and everyday like a map and add his own perspective to it to make it unique, something I hope we can do with our constellation map.

You can see more of Shaun Utter’s work here and more of Lee Jang’s work here.