rkc-Looking Outwards 10

As a student, artist Andrea Polli, received a PhD in Computing, Communications and Electronics from University of Plymouth in the UK, and received a MFA in Time Arts from the School Art Institute of Chicago. She’s currently a Professor Art and Ecology in University of New Mexico’s College of Fine Arts and School of Engineering. Along with being a professor, she creates interactive digital installations that deal with environmental public policy. For example, her installation “Particle Falls” is a visualization of the pollution particles in a part of Santa Clara County. Polli created the installation that has sensors that can count and show particles of pollution with laser light scattering in real time. Polli chose to install this in Santa Clara County because the county failed an air quality evaluation. I really enjoyed reading about Polli’s work because she creates her installations to inform the public about ecology and environmentalism, topics that we all need to know about so we can make changes in how we act today.

Particle Falls from Andrea Polli on Vimeo.

Here is her website: http://www.andreapolli.com/