Looking Outwards – 8 – rkc

Lexi posted a while ago about a touch screen installation in The Museum of Modern Art in NYC called I Want You to Want Me. When I was reading about the project I was blown away by how beautiful and different the data visualization was. Lexi wrote that the visualizations are reminiscent of the style of Pixar’s UP. One of my favorite aspects of this project was how the images were made to look more vintage. The beginning sequence of the sad love story in UP that Lexi mentions starts somewhere around the 50s so that sequence is also rendered to be look vintage. What I like the most, however, is how much detail the artists, Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar, put in the balloons. For example, pink balloons represent girls and blue balloons represent boys. Brighter balls represent younger people while darker balloons represent older. How the balloons move through the screens represent relationships in real life. Some balloons travel through the sky at different speeds. They take different routes from each other but sometimes they travel alongside others for a little while. I Want You to Want Me shows that data visualization can take a topic an abstract topic, like dating and relationships, and make it visually arresting.

Lexi’s post can be seen here and you can read more about I Want You to Want Me here.

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