Project 04 — Abstract Time, Abstract Image

For this weeks assignment I finally felt myself begin my process by thinking through coding rather than drawing. Instead of having a fully rendered drawing detailing every pixel of what I want to create I began by considering the concepts we had just learned and incorporating them into my idea as I planned. Since I spent less time trying to draw out beautiful visuals I wanted to be sure to have a more purposeful reason to my work than just to create something that tells time. When speaking of abstract time and image I began to be reminded of my room in my old home and the only way I could tell time then – through the sky. I had been too young to own a phone and refused to have a clock and thus settled for always peeking at the mirror on my wall which reflected the sky outside, always giving me a sense of what time of day it was. Despite the fact that I’m slowly becoming more familiar with programming, this project proved to be quite the challenge as my ambitions continued to rise and my skill set has yet to catch up. I’ve realized in this last project that at times my desire to create something visually extraordinary will lead to novice mistakes and confusing syntax which are two areas I need to continue to develop and grow in. Regardless, the process was challenging and fun as always.


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