Project 03 — A Wallpaper/A Pattern/A Sky

Firstly, I began by considering the concept of what a wallpaper and pattern both are. When thinking about a wallpaper, there were several ideas in my mind. The first was of the traditional concept of a wallpaper – a patterned paper used to cover walls to add a decorative effect. The second – and the one I took most interest in – was that of a digital wallpaper. The decorative display, background, or screensaver we all see daily on our cellphones, laptops, tablets, televisions, etcetera.  Lastly, I thought about the idea of a wearable pattern, and how different the aesthetics to consider are when adding the wearable aspect to a print. While I had originally liked several designs as wallpapers, once I considered them as a piece of clothing I quickly ushered them away. Finally, after struggling to find a balance between all of these and a theme I personally enjoyed I set about making a sunset through prints and patterns.