Looking Outwards 03: Computational Fabrication

When I read the prompt for this particular week’s Looking Outwards I was happily surprised to see both the Computational Fabrication Group and Mediated Matter Group from MIT. While both their work has been commonly shown around the new media courses in my time at CMU, I too have a slightly personal connection with both of these groups and their work as well. First to fall into my view was a video by the Computational Fabrication Group from MIT. In late 2013 when my brother had just started his first semester at MIT he had sent me the link to one of their video’s titled ‘Computing and Fabricating Multiplanar Models’ and insisted I watch. Back then I was much less aware of how technological advances had influenced art so potently and was fascinated at the concept of inserting a blunt line of command into the computer and arriving with a real physical fabricated copy modeled already through technology.

I find it not only astounding, but admirable (to say the least) that through a strict, blunt, logical line of algorithms one can manifest a real, new, and tangible creative form. These technologies allow the future to hold no boundaries for imagination and groups such as the MIT Computational Fabrication Group continue to charge forth in discovering new and creative innovations that expand artistic practice even further.

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