Looking Outwards 01: Introduction to Technological Art

Prior to taking an interest into the world of new media and technological art there were few works that I had seen and been familiar with. As I arrived at CMU and became further engulfed in new media art, the possibilities began to seem endless and more and more interesting achievements of artists past caught my eye. This sudden interest in interdisciplinary forms of practice soon led me to the VIA festival and from there my first memorable hands on experience with new media art occurred. Although VIA consists of hundreds of outstanding people coming together to make all of the events and works showcased throughout the festival, one of the most memorable for me was Lauren Goshinski’s own ASMR NPC experience.

This piece consists of immersing the audience into an all consuming virtual reality experience in which their visual and auditory senses are stimulated through the phenomenon of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Although the software used for this piece was not entirely created by Lauren herself, the entire team that came together to make each piece of the whole experience possible still shows a magnificent and new aspect of technological art which widens the horizon for future art to come.

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