Jake Barton_Local Projects

Jake Barton is the Principal  of Local Projects, an experience design and strategy firm for museums, brands and public spaces based in New York. His work focuses on storytelling and engaging audiences through emotion and technology. His work touches on the overlap of physical and digital, creating a range of applications for museums, education, architecture and memorials.

Gallery One is one of the notable works by his firm. During his presentation he talks about keeping the key concepts simple and clear for any design work but having interesting results and impact with them. I find that really important because essentially the whole interactive portal of the Cleveland Museum follows simple concepts of timeline, mimicking form and expressions etc.  However the heart installation in Times Square that they did in collaboration with BIG architects is my favourite interactive piece. It is a public attraction, is collaborated with my favourite architect, is cute and is simple (consists of LED light tubes that glow brighter and faster with increase in pulse rate).

During his time working with the 9/11 Memorial, Jake led a team, in partnership with     Jer Thorpe,to create an algorithm that solved the names arrangement on the panels. The names are not listed alphabetically or chronologically, but through personal relationships between the victims themselves.

Local Projects website – http://localprojects.net/projects/

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