HiddenHUB’s Sensory Speaker


The ‘HiddenHUB’ by Hidden Radio Design is an audio nucleus that adapts musical needs to the household. It detects when users are home, conforming the waves to the shape of the room, resulting in a more immersive sound experience. With its intelligent sensors and proprietary logic board, the speaker analyzes a room’s layout and dynamically adjusts its audio profile to fit that space. It distributes the frequencies and individually regulates each driver’s power in order to evenly fill corners with sound.

I admire how the device is able to adjust automatically without interference from the user. It takes hands-off to a new level. The designers used their own experiences and preferences to jumpstart this innovative technology.

This project is still being developed with the help of Kickstarter. It is expected to arrive in March, 2016.


Video courtesy of HiddenHUB.