LookingOutwards-04 (lucyyify)

The project I chose to explore this week is called LandFilles, created by Keiko Uenishi, a New York-based sound artist and Katherine Liberovskaya.

LandFilles is an ongoing project; nevertheless, the small segment taken from the final performance at Cyberfest in 2010 in St. Petersburg really struck me. Its concept was highly interactive and collaborative. The installation consisted of three phases: collection, performance, and demolition. Collection involved collecting empty clear plastic bottles (anyone could contribute), followed by construction of a giant mass of transparent bottles. Performance involved using the structure created as an “instrument” used for multi-channel and projection audiovisual information, where Uenishi interacts with the created environment through audio-feedback while Liberovskaya uses cameras, analog monitors and projectors to interact through video-feedback. Lastly, the accumulated mass of bottles is torn down and given away to the audience as a token of gratitude for participation.

I really admire the concept of level of interaction in this piece. The fact that this art installation is built from the collaboration of small contributions from different people — strangers — and used to create something greater, then again taken apart to be distributed among a crowd of strangers, is a very powerful thought. I found it interesting as it almost seems like the piece could be recreated again and again with different people, and it could just keep going continuously as different people come together to create structures much like, but are unique to the one in the clip. I also found the aesthetics very delicate; colours were very clean and futuristic, which was very appropriate to the theme of what was displayed.

I think that the algorithms that are involved generate different Decibels and pitches depending on the volume and spatial relation of the structure. However, the construction of the structure itself is quite organic.

Together, the visual elements and the sounds really form a synthetic and comprehensive representation of a sound-art piece that reflects futuristic possibilities. I felt that the juxtaposition of the two was very effective, especially with the transparent bottles reflecting the projected colours of the lights and synchronizing with the intensity of the sounds.