Classically Designed 3D Printed Fashion


Designer Noa Raviv has used classical art and its evolution as inspiration for a fashion collection created during her time at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. In collaboration with Stratasys in 2014, one of the largest manufacturers of 3D printers in the world, Raviv has developed manipulated digital images with computer modeling software

The pieces are envisioned by a command that would be difficult for technology to execute without setting a complex configuration of parameters, components, and codes. According to the designer, ‘these objects cannot be printed, nor produced in reality. they exist only in the virtual space. the tension between the real and the virtual, between 2D and 3D inspired me to create this collection’.

What’s inspiring about this piece is the way it highlights the endless bounds of programming. Raw and unique beauty was created by something so mechanical; this juxtaposition makes the series even more breathtaking.








Photos courtesy of Design Boom.