Nitesh Sridhar – Looking Outwards – 02

The Silk art creation software is a simplistic but incredible blending of generative art and human interaction. Silk is an app created by Yuri Vishnevsky using Objective-C and C++ for code and music by Mat Jarvis. The software creates silky or water-like effects that form around your mouse pointer when you click, which you can “draw” with by moving your mouse around. From looking at how it interacts with your mouse you can tell Silk takes in the position of your mouse as variables to change the position of the waves being generated, and also creates the flowing and seemingly random lightness and intensity of the waves based on how long you are holding the mouse button down as well as proximity to any lines of symmetry. One of the most interesting things about how Silk was created was that according to Vishnevsky, “originally you would draw a line on the screen, and only when you lifted your finger up would an entire silk [wave] begin to assemble itself in front of your eyes” and the real drawing aspect of it did not come around until later when “on a whim, [he] changed the code to begin drawing instantly as your finger moved across the canvas” and added that sense of full interactivity along with the generative process.


Interview with the creators