Project Proposal

For the final proposal, I would like to study some of Shiffman’s work as described in his e-book “Nature of Code”. Of particular interest to me would be his chapter on “Particle Systems”.  I would like to study this particular chapter, and evolve a single boid, or a series of particles which behave as a system.

The first part of the project would involve the implementation of a single particle (or a series of particles bunched together to form one being / boid), and then the second part of the project would be to work out how they behave as a system.  Please refer to the (napkin?) sketch for a couple of my ideas of a single boid.20151124_122022

The boids are to respond to the mouse’s movement.  They are also to react to the edges of the canvas as well as to each other.  They should have a velocity, acceleration, oscillation and I propose to simulate inertia in this project as well.

However, having conveyed the project outline, it should also be noted that sometimes ideas evolve with the development of the design.  Perhaps a single boid having a very complex set of behaviours, would signal the end of the project.