Looking Outward : Sound

The concept of music being derived from Math is a very ancient one with Mathematicians researching music and Musicians exploring mathematical concepts to further their pieces of art. Perhaps one of the most famous one is Pythagoras, who not only studied the ratios of the sides of a triangle, but also studied music as ratios, sequences and harmonies.

Brian Eno is a modern day artist who has used computation for music for the past many years. I admire his work a lot, especially his work to come up with the app called “Scape”. This app promises to never deliver the same music twice, because each time a new variation is to be delivered based on the algorithms generating the music. In Eno’s own words it is “music that thinks for itself”! More info on the app can be found on the apple store’s iTunes page at: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/scape/id506703636?mt=8&affId=2078443

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