September 2

15-104 Lecture 2 Notes, 9/2/15

Prof. Roger B. Dannenberg

Today’s notes are an outline of the main things we covered in class. Mostly, these topics are already discussed online, so I will not add a lot of redundant material here.

Course Policies

Here is the Course Policies page.

  • Late Days – You have 3 late days. Use them wisely.
  • Exams – 3 exams will be given in recitation times, 1 exam in class before Thanksgiving. No final exam during final exam week.
  • Attendance – you should come to class, and you are responsible for what we cover in class, but we are not taking attendance in 15-104. The “participation” part of your grade is based on participation in recitations.

I get to …

Uplifting thought: Whenever you are feeling burdened and thinking “I have to …,” consider how fortunate you are to be alive and able to do things, and thing instead “I get to …!”

Academic Integrity

Here is the Academic Integrity page. If you have problems with assignments, get help. We’ll help you! You can do it! Assignments are all unique and cannot be successfully copied, so do not even think about it.

Watch Hello Video

Here is the Hello Video.

Golan and Roger’s Notes

But you must know there are notes or you would not be reading this.


Explanation of screen coordinates for use in Processing and computer graphics in general.

fill, stroke, strokeWeight

A nice introduction with simple examples.

We did not get to the following and will continue from here on Friday.

Cookies in Chrome and WordPress

If you are having problems with WordPress using Chrome browser, try using Preferences / Settings / Show advanced settings … / Privacy / Content Settings / Cookies / Allow local data to be set (recommended)

Using Chrome

For now, see the Get Started page for some help on running p5.js without using the p5js application (IDE).

Introduction to Using Variables

We will talk about this on Friday.