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I went scouring through my fellow classmate’s first Looking Outwards, because I was intrigued to find out what originally inspired my peers to take a course such as this. I found Albert Yang’s post about the indie video game Don’t Starve, and to tell you the truth, I found it oddly charming. I agree with Albert’s assessment, this game has a lovely and unique art style that is chilling but endearing. I also find it inspiring that something indie can receive such race reviews in the world of huge designer corporations. One of the things I also find amazing about this is that they are a family oriented business that creates a healthy and enjoyable working space for employees. It took a lot of hard work to get where the company is, but they now are able to promote a healthy and balanced work environment. At least, healthier than that of a lot of animators and game developers I’ve seen. (And now there is a multiplayer version with all sorts of adorable yet disturbing characters!)So to conclude, the charm starts at the art, goes through the storyline, and the music, and the heartwarming creators, all in all, being the cutest creepy game I’ve ever seen.

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Just look how cute!!! Awww it should not be that adorable! ds04