Project 7: Lantern Landscape

I really loved making this project. I knew that I always wanted to fiddle around with the perspective, and have it as though the viewer was looking out a train window. Though I am not an art student, and I am not really sure how to work with perspective, I did the best I could, and I am quite proud of it. I was inspired by some of my favorite scenes from three of my favorite anime movies, and tried to incorporate elements (attached below) of each into the sketch. The gradient, which I think adds an etherial glow, was inspired by the one  in The Wolf Children. I was inspired to make the lanterns from the chilling yet lovely scene in Spirited Away, and the train view from Five Centimeters Per Second. I also loved experimenting with adding and subtracting from the array. This was so enjoyable to make and program!





Japanese-Lanterns-724x482 tumblr_m93ba3bFdU1qftpa0o1_500 images 220676

trains makoto shinkai 5 centimeters per second artwork vehicles anime window panes 1920x1080 wall_www.wallpaperhi.com_9 IMG_7954-1