Final Project proposal


I thought incorporating physics into the mix would be really funl-I really wanted to explore implementing the realistic motion with particles, but in this specific case, it’s sheep-particles. (Bald, shaven, shivering sheep that need fluffy clouds.) The player will launch the sheep into the correctly shaped clouds. The force and direction at which the sheep is launched will be determined by various factors like how long the mouse is held, which direction, etc. As the player gets more and more sheep into the correct clouds, the computer tracks that and will increase the difficulty by adding in wind-randomly generated of course. I also want to work on how to randomly generate cloud shaped, otherwise that’d be a hassle to write…

Alright, that was my first idea. But after looking at some other artists, I’ve been inspired to try something else.12305911_10207099783726965_2095215530_n

It’ll be video based very much like the text rain project, but in this case, the computer will analyze the redness and yellowness shapes. So  with strips of yellow and red paper, you can have ‘wands’ that will cause the snowflakes that come raining down turn into something else-like magic! In this case, if a snowflake falls on something that exceeds a set yellow threshold, the flake knows it’s hit the yellow wand. Connecting with the wand will cause randomly generated orbital/spiral art (leonardo solaas inspired orbits) to form across the screen (generated by a turtle). if the turtle generated spiral hits something that exceeds the redness threshold, (aka the red wand) the spiral disappears.


If this works, I will have so much fun waving my arms around like an idiot for hour in front of the computer.