Project-05-Astroid Curve made of ellipses

Ok. I really liked the astroid shape. But it seemed really boring to create the shape only by calculating x and y with the formulas they gave on the website. Instead, I was inspired by our midterm exam-the second question created a curve much like one of the four sides of an atroid curve, the only difference is that it is created by iterative yet variable lines-could I make the curve by overlapping other shapes in succession? Doing so would give me an easier way to animate the curve.

I originally wanted to make a quadrifolium….but I wanted to make a curve with curves-aka, an astroid made of ellipses!

(Based on where your mouse is, the size and proportion of the astroid will change. Based on where you click, the mouse will change colors!)

(um…I fell asleep. Will using one of my free late days excuse the tardiness?)

FullSizeRender IMG_3443 sketch