Looking Outwards 10

I looked for some weird internet data creature material for this looking outwards and found a lot of interesting work. Logistically I would share this basic project by Rob Dubbin, found here: https://twitter.com/oliviataters. A twitter bot that approximates a teenage girl, more and less convincingly depending on when you catch her.

More excitingly, I also found Mirthe Berentsen’s Ouranophobia or the right to be forgotten super relevant/cool – a short surreal fiction piece about a ghost of the protagonist’s mother made from her internet data trail. Find it here: http://aksioma.org/pdf/aksioma_PostScriptUM_21_ENG_Bridle.pdf

I think tonally that is something I am more interested in – a kind of earnest pulling-apart of a sort of absurd dissonance that lies very close to ‘real life’. But I want random sentence generation/ word association stuff to happen too.