Final Project Proposal

I want to create a sort of spambot creature. It will grow when fed user information for different websites, or pieces of data about the user. As it grows it will mature from spitting out useless lines about losing weight and attaching links or whatever to making money on the internet. Maybe it will become a twitter adbot, or spam youtube comments or something similar. I want to play with the evolving tone of internet bots right now, who are now super excited and always happy to share their information with you (where old bots used to provide strange critiques of internet content with their links, now they are happy and affirmative for the most part). So on one half of the page there would be a little organism that acts in this online space, whose ease of access to resources and content I would like to juxtapose with what it means to exist in the real world – I might choose a specific legal framework/ economic limitation, etc… What I want to convey is that these bots are so happy, making space for themselves in their world, affirming everything indiscriminately, where human life has to work through so much for pure subsistence. Not sure about how it will look yet. But I want the botcreature to be an amorphous blob with a framed picture of the user in its little house, I think.