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I wanted to make a simple blob creature that could be fed with the cursor. Many helpful examples were provided and I did not deviate very far from the model provided here:

The creature follows the cursor around and when her mouth is close enough to food (if she is eating), her nucleus should grow. I am not exactly sure why this nucleus (whose x and y positions are averaged from blob particle x and y positions) doesn’t work. Her membrane should be responsive to the image behind her – pores opening wider for bluer backgrounds – but this feature also does not work. My .get values are returning ‘null’, though they are arrays with four null values. She has hairs that correspond to the velocities of the particles. I will edit her hairs so they splay outwards.

The background image is Cecily Brown’s “You Can’t Make This Up” (found here: Statuses flicker on the screen that describe the creature growing or feeling agitated. These statuses and the legibility they provide help to promote interactivity between the user and the creature.

sketch120.js code