I have chosen to look at the project ‘the k-thing,’ which was a secret net-based piece in which the duo 0100101110101101.org (Eva and Franco Mattes) switched the names of the artworks in a show with one another. They were commissioned to create a piece for this show. Though this gesture was very simple, the work had much larger consequences than intended: the Korean Ministry of Culture laid off the curator and cancelled the festival. Many of the artists in the show were very upset, and fragments of the ensuing email thread (addressing ‘ownership, the potential of online art, censorship, and identity’) can be seen on the documentation page of the piece – http://0100101110101101.org/the-k-thing/. I wanted to look at this work and its documentation as an example of the generative potential of failure.

Eva Mattes is an artist born in Italy in 1976. She is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work generally undermines the workings of familiar institutions, some of them being the Vatican, the art world (consumption, display, reverence), social media, the movies, large corporations, etc. Some of it can be seen here: http://0100101110101101.org/works/.