I watched Eva Franch i Gilabert’s eyeo lecture: https://vimeo.com/136017049

Eva Franch i Gilabert describes herself as an architect, professor, curator and cultural mediator and is the director of Storefront for Art and Architecture, a space in New York used for events and as a gallery. I had never been particularly excited by Storefront’s exhibits or events but I find Franch’s lecture and body of thought stimulating, specifically when it comes to the way that she conceptually positions herself as a participant in the production of space and culture. In the lecture she (admittedly vulgarly) categorizes people into Enablers, Iconographers, Agitators & Utopianizers – the last being a product of the first three. I found the way she described these categories interesting to wrestle with: enablers are the most conservative, and concerned with gathering and presenting opinions (in the present); iconographers with representation of the present; agitators concerned about the present but unable to make true progress. When they come together and question each other, she explains, the utopianizer can materialize.

Her website is linked here: http://eva-franch.com/