The work I have chosen is ‘Automatic Insurrection,’ created by John Duda. It is linked here and pictured below.

Automatic Insurrection

It was created as a critique of revolutionary rhetoric, and generates a new ‘insurrectionist’ text every time a user clicks the ‘again’ button. I like this project; I think it is a perceptive stylistic critique of (what can often be pseudo-) political writing and I think it expresses this critique in a way that is engaging and funny. The author wrote a basic script that shuffles through lists of buzzwords. The structure and style was inspired by The Coming Insurrection, a book written by The Invisible Committee and first published in 2007. Although there are limited outputs and observable redundancies, I think that the general approach and critical direction are interesting. It is somewhat facile, and aims to be so – this is not a critique of ideology but of style vs. substance – which makes makes me wonder how one could create a generative text work that might be a little less toothless.


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