Bruce Nauman’s Four Corner Piece (1970) is an interactive installation that surveils and displays its viewers (/subjects) as they move through a tight maze of white walls. The positioning of the monitors and video cameras prevents viewers from seeing themselves. I particularly admire the formal simplicity of the way in which Nauman engages with the theme of surveillance; I think underscoring the (technological, logistical, ideological) crudeness of surveillance as a power relationship while effectively producing feelings of claustrophobia, paranoia, dread, and distinctive lab-rattiness is exciting.

Source: http://moca.org/pc/viewArtWork.php?id=47 Source: http://moca.org/pc/viewArtWork.php?id=47

I think I chose this piece (in this first week) because it is stimulating to see that something as basic as preventing a viewer from seeing themselves in a controlled, static architecture can be as successful as I feel Four Corner Piece is.

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