For my final project, I created an interactive environment that responds to scrolling. I paired my own art and collage elements with Pixies lyrics, to create a disorienting, surreal experience.

Skills that I used in this project include creating objects, manipulating images, storing information in arrays, and enabling interactivity via the mouseWheel (scrolling) function.

In order to view my project, please refer to the zipped file on Autolab. It contains the index, sketch, and a folder called “assets” that contains all of my images. Once you have that, run a local server so that the images will be able to load quickly.

Here’s a video capture of it in action:

Javascript Project Screen Capture from Lily Fulop on Vimeo.

It seems a bit jerky, but that’s just because of the way my trackpad lets me scroll. With an actual mouse, it would probably be better!