For this project, I wanted to investigate how facial expressions convey emotions. Through minor movements, like widening one’s eyes or raising one’s eyebrows, a unique feeling can be evoked. In my project, the face itself doesn’t change, but her features do– her mouth changes shape, her eyes widen and narrow (slightly), her eyebrows move, and her eye color (and shirt color) change. I decided to randomize the color to play on the concept of certain emotions having certain colors (green with envy, red with anger, etc.). Every possible color is able to be generated, thus she is able to show any emotion!

As far as my process, I found it very useful to use the height and width variables in my code, so that all the shapes are in reference to the middle of the canvas. I also used some new skills such as the push(); transform(); rotate(); pop(); sequence and vertices.

(Just wanted to point out– some of my lines of code got pretty long and WordPress pushed them to the next line, so my code looks a little funky in some places when viewed in this post.)