Kasem Kydd Final Project

For my Final Project I created a twitter bot that I’ve been working on for some time to build up a library of tweets and also add some functionality for it to interact with other uses on twitter.
The bot is called Black Excellence Bot, but it’s twitter handle is @BlackLoveBot. I wanted to create something that was a bot but actually contributed to something online in a meaningful matter that was relevant to my interests. I consider myself to be an artist that works with political and social issues especially pertaining to race and different intersectionalities. I wanted to make a bot that created a loving atmosphere for people of color, specifically black people, because I think the online sphere sometimes creates an environment where people feel that they can be free to exhibit the most racist and disgusting intentions in an attempt to “troll” others or truly display their real mindset. I wanted to bring something I work on in my work, black liberation, celebration, and my tendency to actively address destructive systems that continue to oppress our people. The bot tweets different figures that I associate with black excellence along with the hashtag #blackexcellence. It also tweets different ideas and moments in history that are relevant to my idea of black excellence. The bot has been functioning sort of for some time but I have continuously been trying to curate the library and add more functionality such as responding to followers, and replying to @ mentions. This is my first time using twitter so it was a little bit of a strange process for me but I honestly think I learned a lot from this small project.
You can view the bot here