Looking Outwards-03 Kasem Kydd

For this looking outwards I looked at the work of the ICD (Institute for Computational Design) and ITKE (Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design) Research Pavillion at the University of Sttutgart from 2014-2015. The groups create building prototypes for exploring the potentials of computational design and digital fabrication in architecture. The prototypes are usually the result of around 2 years of research and development by a large team of designers and engineers.For this particular project the groups looked at biological architecture in nature and attempted to apply the same principles to fabricated structures due to their flexibility in a world where design and architecture are constantly changing based on the demands of people. The groups form customized fiber-reinforced structures in a highly material-effective and functionally integrated way. In this project a web was built based on the building process of the diving bell water spider. The web construction process of water spiders was examined and the underlying behavioral patterns and design rules were analyzed, abstracted and transferred into a technological fabrication process.

Video of Project

Image of Structure

Fabrication in Proccess

Water Spider

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