Looking Outwards-07

Giorgie Lupi and Stefanie Prosavec collaborated on a project called “Dear Data”, in which they sent each other a single postcard of visualized data about their daily lives every week overseas, getting to know each other. Giorgia Lupi, residing in Brooklyn, is an information designer working at Accurat, a mainly data-driven innovation firm. Stefanie Prosavec, who also works with data, is from London. She has done projects for a variety of companies including Facebook, Random House, British Council, and BBC. 

I very much enjoy Lupi and Prosavec’s abilities to transfer data, mostly seen in a digital scale, and backtrack it to a set of analog drawings using traditional materials. The designs aren’t obvious—but they’re not so abstract since the exaplanations of reading these codes can be seen in the back. Additionally, I admire the variations of the data—they are not the typical bar graphs and pie charts—but something more illustrational and creative. Another beautiful factor about these postcards—the fact that these are sent overseas adds something even more precious; the receiver can see the marks and smudges of their journeys. 

The way they used photography is very helpful. Usually mounted on a white background, the viewers would have a better time focusing more on the postcards rather than how the mount affects the overall composition. I have been using that method as well when I photograph my work.

Eyeo 2015 – Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec from Eyeo Festival // INSTINT on Vimeo.