Deborah Lee –Looking Outwards-02

Glenn Marshall’s “The Particle Man” is an “emergent art” that was created in a constantly-changing digital space where tiny dots travel around the screen, leaving trails of lines. The film starts out uncertain. No one can be for sure what is being drawn, until somewhere in the middle when a human face is formed. Not only is it just a human profile, but also is it a 3-D form. The dynamics are even heightened when the human profile begins to change perspective, which is also a very attractive aspect of this piece–it almost feels interactive. The algorithm to generate “The Particle Man” isn’t very clear, but one could guess it involved a three-dimensional grid and variables, in order to control the dots’ movements around the screen at a certain speed and loop. Perhaps Marshall also made a 3D model beforehand. Furthermore, the project plays with perspective and how the dots(the lightest points) and their directions affect the shading. To me, this is an innovative way to create an effective “light source”, especially with the dark background. It is also helpful with delineating the facial features with its line variation..

“The Particle Man”, Glenn Marshall, 2015