Final Project Proposal

My proposal for my final project will be a text based interactive video game. I have always been immensely fascinated by storytelling, and I love the idea of incorporating that love into a text based player guided game, where the atmosphere is built through interesting visual minimalism, an emotive score, and well written narrative progression. this project would incorporate my love of writing, and video games, using my functional coding knowledge to create visually interesting graphics that play with how participants in the game perceive the information being presented to them through the story.

At the same time, this will allow me to experiment with interesting graphical displays of wording and typography, while also making my game interactive and a player driven experience: an aspect of art that I am immensely fascinated by. I would draw inspiration from previously made text based adventure games, though I would probably limit my scale to a more contained story so that I could guarantee the quality of my work. Ultimately, I think this project will be the most interesting meshing of my interests, and will serve as a unique way to tell an interesting story.