Project 10: Interactive Creatures

So for this Project I chose to make a little ghost buddy named Craig. Craig just wants to be loved. I programmed Craig to smile when he reaches the mouse location, and frown when he is farther away than a particular threshold. It ultimately took my too long to finish 10-A than I had initially planned, so I didn’t have the opportunity to implement springs into this assignment like I wanted to. I must admit that this was really disappointing to me.

Despite this, I am still really fond of Craig and my project for this week, because I tried to experiment with linking together shapes while simultaneously altering their size, so as to give the impression of a fluid object (which proved to be a fun challenge). To accomplish this, I built upon the “Follow3” example made by Keith Peters and presented on the p5js examples page. All in all, though this weeks project wasn’t entirely what I had hoped it would be, I still had a lot of fun experimenting and trying something new.