Looking Outwards 10

The female artist I chose was Heather Kelley, and the project I chose that she took part in was Fabulous/Fabuleux. This project is fascinating to me because it finds a dynamic way to incorporate the audience into the piece of work, while also telling a story through a form of game play. As I have such an interest in video game storytelling, this project strikes a powerful chord with me, as it is a dynamic addition to this form of relaying narrative.

Heather Kelley is a veteran game designer, digital artist, and media curator. She has an extensive career in both game design, as she has been intimately involved in the development of AAA-games and indie games, and also new age digital art.  Her works often explore aesthetic experiences and sensory interactions, including game play, and the inclusion of senses.  Her work on Fabulous/Fabuleux is in her groundbreaking work on the “Squisher” sensor used to format the entire project.