Project 09 Turtles

This project was exciting to me because it gave me a lot of freedom to create. I decided to, having total freedom, create a project based around being chased by a swarm of predators. Take what you will from that. I created a bunch of independent Turtles, all of whom I set to chase an ellipse I had placed at the mouse location. To make things extra interesting, I set up a for loop that created red twitching turtles that increased in number as the predators draw nearer to the mouse. This way, there is a feeling of panic as the predators close in on you.

I ran out of time to add a feature where the screen resets if the swarm catches the mouse, and this bothers me, so I expect I will continue to fiddle with this project. Another issue I ran into that I simply didn’t have adequate time to fix was that sometimes, when the mouse moves quickly to the side, individuals in the swarm will get stuck and just spin uncontrollably in a small circle. I also plan to go back later and fix that. However, though I did run into these issues, I really enjoyed this project, and I loved the freedom it provided to me!