Project 08: Computational Portraits

This project was a total blast for me, because it was entirely engaging, and gave me a lot of room to be inventive with how I wanted to portray images. I was looking online for inspiration, and I came across a lot of faces generated with circles, so I knew I wanted try something different. At the same time, I loved the idea of making people draw the faces and uncover the buried image. So using the example given by Golan, I established my images to be drawn through a chain of triangles. To add some interesting variation, I put in code that made the triangles you draw grow larger the faster you move the mouse inside the canvas.


In addition, I knew that I wanted to include pictures of my immediate family too, so after I requested some photos from my parents and siblings (and was thoroughly overwhelmed by the total number of images I got in my email), I used components from the eye assignment from this week to input a method to click through different pre-loaded images. All in all, this weeks assignment was a really cool way to implement skills that I was struggling with, and resulted in a really cool project that got my whole family involved.