Looking Outwards 08

Cycles from COCOLAB on Vimeo.

A project that immeasurably fascinates me is Cycles, which I first learned about by reading Vanessa Kim’s 5th Looking Outwards post.  Designed by COCOLAB (a Mexican design firm) in 2014, Cycles is a beautiful manipulation of light and sound that comes the closest of anything I have ever seen to visually representing what music sounds like.  Through its use of choreographed lasers, flashing light, and syncopated sound, Cycles creates stunning visual compositions that draws upon the space around it and enraptures the audience.

Vanessa says little about the impacts of this project beyond explaining its technical aspects, and while I believe the technical components of this project to be very important, I think the real significance of this piece comes in its ability to revolutionize a viewer’s ability to mentally interface with a musical experience.  Even deaf people would have the ability to take something emotional or experimental away from seeing this project, and it could radically alter how people go about giving concerts or interacting with an audience.  More immediately, Cycles could radically alter how we as people experience music.